Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sears Kmart facing Boycott blowback from family oriented shoppers in response to Kim Kardashians fake wedding #BoycottKardashians on facebook twitter

Kim Kardashian was projected to be the silver bullet put on a pedestal
to represent Kmart clothes as the face of KMART.
After the fallout of Kmart getting rid of most of its
Home appliance staff some 750 people.
The Sears Holdings think tank held out high hopes
for doubling down on Kim Kardashian as they moved away from a consumer friendly home appliance environment to appliance customers calling a # for help. 

So far the experiment has more than backfired
as family oriented shoppers who believe in the vowles of marriage
till death do us part have parted ways with Kmart
as other mega store giants like Wallmart have invested resources in infrastructure
and increasing the food sections of the pantry. 
HH Gregg has been cutting into Sears holdings bottom line opening up store after store
and emphasizing they have friendly educated associates to help the customers when they need it.

So what does Kmart Sears have left to draw back customers?
It will be tough to win back those customers
as the moral compass of Kmart continues on a downward spiral. 
Yes they have the controversial kardashian
but breakup after breakup with televised mockery of marriage
well is more of a train wreck than anything
people see the Kardashians as a joke now even borderline fake.

At least Martha Stewart could give shoppers positive insight to what they are buying
the only people that follow the Kardashian are guys checking out her backside
and other girls who like to see how the drama will play out.
Half the people that watch her show thinks she is a itch..
Was this pure infatuation from Sears Holdings Brass?
Eddie Lampert the majority owner and chairman of Sears Holdings was
banking so much on Kardashian that their was talk of changing
"Kmart to "Kardash mart" Maybe Kmart should offer divorce attorney services
and sex toys complete with Kim Kar blow up dolls.

If you haven't heard the news even the president of the united states
is warning his daughters to stay away from the borderline reality show of the kardashians
Now i disagree with many of the presidents policies
but this one seems like a no brainer as the kardashians
are not a good role model for women to look up to.
Now the kardashians have a full fledged boycott on their hands
and the sponsers of the kardashians like Kmart well face the consequences of  sponsering her.

You can read more on twitter #BoycottKardashians
The kardashian Boycott is gaining steam as more press releases
come out how the kardashians tricked its viewers and even its own friends
that the marriage was real. Imagine You spend thousands of dollars
to fly out and support kardashians marriage with nice gifts
and come to find out it was just an ellaborate hoax to gain press and dollars.
Well the american people are sick of being lied to we want people that are real..

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