Thursday, November 3, 2011

BLUR Xbox 360 game review Racing combined with shooter..

Blur is a racing game combined with shooting and combat..
Different play types like motor mash are also available
where the objective is to destroy as many other players cars as possible.
Though racing is where most of the gamers like to hang out..

If you liked Mario cart then this game will make you very happy..
Instead of tossing shells you now have homing missile that locks unto targets..
you can shoot lasers and missiles forwards and backwards.

You can drop landmines and if someone gets close you can release an energy barge..
And when you rank up you gather more abilities like "Mastermind"
 if you get close enough to someone Else's landmine it becomes yours
and it breaks up into little fragments of smaller landmines
and these become hard for other drivers to avoid..

When you approach near 50 rank you can select the option stealth mode
your car turns mostly invisible and you will stay that way
 if you can avoid any damage..

Like call of duty you can prestige after 50
and start all over again and the game will award you special cars
with upgrades you can prestige 10 time's to unlock all these cars..

Most of the players prefer the racing
and it seems the game is more popular In the UK
than in the United States which i find to be quite baffling
this is a "activision game"

The graphics are incredible when you pick up a nitro
your car looks as if it is moving at light speed
and that's where the name BLUR comes from. 

I'm sure Activision thought this would be
 a 15- 20 thousand at any time on the Blur server
Though rarely hits 1 thousand gamers at any given moment..
 it just hasn't caught on and not because the game necessarily lacks anything
over 20 racing maps the motor mash also has around 5 maps..

If you don't like the idea of picking up power ups
they have hardcore mode without the weapons
just straight up racing..

Considering how popular 1st person shooters are nowadays
Blur should have attracted more gamers!!
The cars themselves are realistic models from top manufactures. 
The maps are in popular underground race spots.
The graphics and smooth game play are top notch!

I have come to the conclusion that the reason Blur has not caught on
is this is a game before its time!!
Nobody has a laser cannon on their car or energy barges and landmine capability.
This game does provide light to a future of armed cars
and possible death races where winner takes all..

Ratings would shoot through the roof if this was all for real
though its make believe for now i give it 9/10

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