Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NBA lockout over 66 games begin dec 25th Dallas Mavs vs Miami heat Los Angles Lakers bulls basketball

Lockout is over NBA will have a 66 game season starting on December 25th
we will see some great basketball match ups between the Los Angeles Lakers
and the Chicago bulls. Another great game on the Christmas day game schedule
is Dallas Mavericks vs the Miami heat. In a finals rematch sure to bring back flashbacks.

Breaking down the Christmas day match ups.

With the Lakers you have an experienced team Kobe can still get it done though
the bulls led by Derick rose has the fresh young legs and maybe the best penetrating
 in the game right now an all purpose threat distributes, defender
and off course scorer is his M.O. The bulls have a real squad
and i think the growth of Rose and getting his feet wet vs the heat will show the bulls
what they need to improve on clearly this team has allot of upside.
With Boozer and Joakim Noah they have a solid nucleus.

The lakers were a real surprise last year
starting strong out of the gate and it seemed toward the final stretch of the season
they started slowing down maybe that is the age factor
in a shortened season you might like the Lakers chances
still the over 30 club in LA will have a hard time getting out of the west again this year.
Though You cant count out any team that has Paul Gasol and Kobe Bryant on it.

The Dallas Mavericks this team is loaded with talent
the owner of the Mavs love him or hate him mark Cuban knows
 how to put a winner together.  You have to admire the way the Mavs came back and
won the finals after being down 2 games and 3 quarters
and came back in miraculous fashion against a pumped up miami heat team
who was on the verge of shocking the basketball world
capturing a title in the 1st year of the big 3 experiment.

Berera was a big suprise for them and stabilized the point.  Dirk Nowitski
silenced the critics with clutch shots to secure the trophy.
Many people thought when Caron Butler went down with a season ending injury
that this spelled the end of the mavericks run. this infuriated Mark Cuban
and his team proved otherwise. Tyson chandler really made other teams
turn into jump shooting teams clogging up the middle..

The Miami Heat Vegas like the heat 2 to 1 to win the championship
I think those odds are too high more like 4 to 1
i think it depends who they can nab in free agency
Looking for a couple impact players to surround the big 3
The Heat were lacking a few key pieces
mainly when Wade or Lebron went to the bench
they seemed to lack some firepower.

Expect them to look for another scorer Hey Caron Butler
is a free agent now if he medically cleared  to play he would be a decent option
As Caron has played with wade and they made it to the playoffs together
in wades rookie year. I think he would fit right into the heats system
as he can defend rebound and distribute as well. The only question is
if he has recovered from injury.

The heat also needs another big man that can compete with the Tyson chandlers
and Dwight Howards of the NBA.  You need a center who can give you
10 points and 10 rebounds night in and night out if your the heat.
The big 3 is special they can overcome allot of shortcomings
lebron james could play all 5 positions if he wanted.
Wade could play 3 positions pg sg sf Wade does have a tendency
to take a beating when he drives and i think later on in the season
he takes more jumpers though wade has improved his jump shot
this is something to keep an eye on as he not the young cat
he was when he came into the league and being the best driver in the game anymore.

Chris Bosh at times was dominate and at other times it seemed Bosh was still
trying to figure out his roll.  Some people will say he plays soft as he is more
finesse as times and shoots perimeter shots but hey he makes them.  I seen
him at times dominate the paint as well i think he will improve this next year
and this was just him finding out how to play with Wade and lebron though
Chris does need a center who can back him up Joel Anthony is a Good defender
but he doesn't scare anybody with his offense and doesn't get enough boards

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